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  • Ground & Precipitated Calcium Carbonate: Global Industry Markets & Outlook 2012

    Ground Precipitated Calcium Carbonate: Global Industry Markets Outlook 2012

    World consumption of filler grade calcium carbonate was 74Mt in 2011, comprising 60Mt ground (GCC) and 14Mt precipitated (PCC) material. Paper and plastics are the largest markets for calcium carbonate, accounting for around 39% and 26% respectively of total consumption of GCC and PCC in 2011. Asia is both the largest regional market, accounting for almost half of global GCC and PCC consumption in 2011, and the fastest-growing market, primarily driven by expansion in the Chinese paper and plastics sectors. By 2011, China accounted for >20% of world GCC and PCC consumption.

    The use of calcium carbonate by the paper industry has grown significantly in recent years reflecting an overall increase in paper production-nearly 6%py in output from Asian countries.

    Both GCC and PCC are widely-used as fillers in rigid PVC, which is produced in large amounts (>36Mt in 2010) and often has high mineral loadings. Growth in PVC demand in industrialised countries was adversely affected by the recession in the construction industry in the late 2000s. Chinese PVC production, however, has risen by 17%py over the last decade and by 2010, China accounted for >40% of world capacity.

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    In paint, calcium carbonate is the main extender mineral used both to reduce consumption of higher cost pigments, such as titanium dioxide, and to impart opacity and brightness, mainly to architectural coatings. Calcium carbonate consumption in this market was 8.8Mt in 2011, with GCC accounting for 7Mt (35% in Asia) and PCC for 1.8Mt (76% in Asia).

    Global combined capacity for GCC and PCC exceeds 100Mtpy. GCC capacity of >80Mtpy is spread through more than 70 countries, reflecting the widespread availability of marble and limestone raw materials. PCC capacity is more concentrated than that of GCC on a national level. Total PCC capacity identified by Roskill is >17Mtpy, with China accounting for nearly half and the USA for a further 17%.

    World: Consumption and forecast demand for GCC and PCC by end use, 2011 and 2016