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    1. Plastic and rigid PVC

    2. PVC shoes

    3. Polyethylene cover of wire and cable

    4. Leather cloth

    5. Wall papers, PVC leather cloth


     Impact resistance of layer's surface and other characteristic as well as highly wearing and scratch resistance, using for processing, squeezing in PVC material technique.



    1. Circle tyre
    2. Pipes
    3. Foundation
    4. Leather strings.


    1. Being the long and white light locking agent in the inner paint coat, wall.
    2. Painting enamel for storage
    3. Alkyd and phenol molding powder
    4. Anti- redeposition additive
    5. Coating powder
    6. Additive for abrading and brightening windows and glass
    7. Expansion of color agent and dioxide titanium maintains light and shade meanwhile still giving the good colour and brightness of paint
    Print ink and Chromatogenous
    Print ink:
    1. Production of the stamp print ink and offset ink regarded as extended assistance to control stability and shape of print ink. It is assured that it will be speck and anti-polishing.
    2. CaCO3 flat film is dried well with fuzzy water, especially suitable for printing stamp's seal and silk curtains.
    3. CaCO3 coating products are covered by Stearic acid, convenient for using kind of ink to print stone and thin anti-flow print.
    1. Being one of anti-redeposion additive in inorganic chromatogenous, helping chromatogenous on the form of suspension and improve precipitation and flow pattern
    2. Being regarded as enforcement agent for stable and advanced chromatogenous.


    Paper and foodstuff
    1. Using in paper's surface cover for whiter brightness, smooth, good opacity and perfect ink absorption ability
    2. For the tissue, especially tobacco wrapping paper, it is used to control burn rate
    3. Value - effect of fine powder in alkali paper is to make the brightness and highly light opacity.
    Foodstuff and beverage:
    1. It is used to remove acid D degree in foodstuff and beverage
    2. Used in chewing gums


    Pharmaceuticals and Comestic
    1. Reducing acid content in stomach.
    2. Providing Calcium
    3. Neutralizing and filtering
    4. Producing amphotericine by fermentation
    5. Being one of complement component for diet food
    6. Being additive for capsule and tablet.
    1. Increasing the finesse and adjusting permeability in makeup powder
    2. Being aroma circulation agent.
    3. Being additive in blue foundation and depilatory scream.
    4. Making stability, adherence, high brightness and gloss in toothpaste.